Forsbrook Mutual Aid Group

Community-based help for those needing aid in Forsbrook & surrounding areas.

Welcome, friend.

This website is for the Forsbrook Mutual Aid Group. This group helps community members who can help others and places those in need of help - front and centre. If you are self-isolating or are too worried to head out to the shops, post office or other local buildings then we can help. On Nextdoor there have been a few conversations already and this one too where people have offered help.

To let people know you are able to help or in need of help, please see the contact page.

Letting Us Know You Can Help

If you have time and the ability to help others then please put your name forward - either in the discussion group or via WhatsApp.

How to Get Help

If you are in need of help with things like food shopping, post office items or any other local activity that you're not able to perform because you're unwell, self-isolating or incapable of doing so then either let us know the discussion group or via WhatsApp. You can also email your request to in private if you prefer.


Please see the contact page for who, how and where to contact.

Other Mutual Aid Groups

You can find more information about the Covid Aid groups around the UK over on the Covid-19 Aid website or you can check their Twitter for more information.

Offer of Help Template

If you want to let your neighbours know that you're able to help them, you can use this Microsoft Word template to print out. You can view what this template looks like below: